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All events will need 2 week notice. All catering orders will need 1 week notice to properly order and prepare the order. We require a non refundable deposit of $100 on all catering  orders.

We are a family owned and operated smokehouse located in Wentzville, Mo. With our fun and friendly atmosphere, we provide a dining experience that is full of laughter, great BBQ, and unique cocktails. 

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Immerse yourself in a world where smoky flavors mingle with the vibrant rhythms of celebration. At Old Town Smokehouse, catering becomes an extraordinary experience, an opportunity to indulge in the art of BBQ and create lasting memories. From intimate gatherings to grand events, the team at Old Town Smokehouse brings their expertise and passion to every occasion, ensuring that each bite is a testament to their culinary craftsmanship.


As you embark on the journey of planning your event, the Old Town Smokehouse team becomes your trusted partner, guiding you through a seamless catering experience. From the very first conversation, they listen attentively to your vision, understanding your desires and preferences. They collaborate closely, offering expert advice and suggestions to curate a menu that surpasses your expectations.


Imagine a picturesque outdoor wedding, where the air is filled with the gentle breeze of laughter and the tantalizing scent of smoldering wood. Old Town Smokehouse transforms the venue into a BBQ wonderland, adorning rustic tables with mouthwatering platters of perfectly smoked meats. From tender pulled pork to juicy ribs, the flavors captivate every palate, leaving a lasting impression on your guests.


For a corporate gala, Old Town Smokehouse delivers a culinary experience that embodies professionalism and sophistication. Impeccably dressed waitstaff circulate through the room, offering exquisite bite-sized BBQ delicacies. Each morsel is a burst of flavor, expertly crafted to showcase the rich, smoky essence that has made Old Town Smokehouse legendary. The attention to detail extends beyond the food, as the team ensures that the presentation aligns with the elegance of the event.


The menu is a masterpiece, a symphony of flavors carefully orchestrated to suit your preferences. Indulge in the velvety richness of their brisket, perfectly marinated and slow-smoked to perfection. Sample their signature sausages, bursting with a delightful blend of spices that dance on your taste buds. Don’t forget the delectable sides, from creamy mac and cheese to tangy coleslaw, each one created with the same dedication and passion that infuses every dish at Old Town Smokehouse.


But the experience doesn’t stop at the food. Old Town Smokehouse understands that every detail matters when it comes to catering. Their friendly and professional staff ensures that the service is impeccable, attending to your guests’ needs with genuine care and warmth. From the moment they arrive until the final farewell, the team at Old Town Smokehouse goes above and beyond to create an unforgettable dining experience.


In the realm of catering, Old Town Smokehouse stands as a testament to the artistry of BBQ. They blend flavors, textures, and ambiance to create an immersive journey for your taste buds. With meticulous attention to detail, they infuse their passion for barbecue into every dish, elevating your event to a new level of culinary excellence.


As the event draws to a close, your guests depart with smiles on their faces and memories to cherish. The Old Town Smokehouse catering experience has left an indelible mark, a blend of flavors and hospitality that lingers in their hearts and minds. They carry with them the knowledge that they have tasted something truly extraordinary, a glimpse into the magic of Old Town Smokehouse.


So, when you seek catering that transcends the ordinary, look no further than Old Town Smokehouse. Allow them to weave their culinary artistry into your event, creating an unforgettable experience that delights the senses and leaves a lasting impression. With their expertise and dedication, your event becomes a celebration of smoky flavors, warm hospitality, and the joy of sharing exceptional food with those you cherish. Old Town Smokehouse catering is more than just a service; it is an invitation to indulge in the extraordinary.